How To Handle Coffee Stains In Your Carpet

Getting stains out of the carpet is not an easy task and it is, even more, an impossible task to get rid of coffee stains off the carpet. Because branded and good coffee leaves deep stains. However, we are here to help you handle this situation by guiding you to implement specific methods. In this blog, we listed a few methods and all you have to do is to follow them. Then, you can stop wondering how to handle coffee stains on your carpet. 

Best Ways On How To Remove Coffee Stains From Carpets 

The answers to your question about how to get coffee stains out of the carpet are below: 

Rubbing Alcohol Or Paint Remover

  • To get coffee stains out of your carpet, you need to first make sure to gather materials such as the following ones:
    • A clean white cloth
    • Rubbing alcohol or paint remover
    • Cleaning gloves and 
    • A mixture of water and detergent. 
  • When you find an excess of coffee on your carpet, scoop or scrape it off to prevent it from further spreading
  • Now, put the cleaning gloves you gathered and put them on to soak a clean white cloth in the rubbing alcohol or paint remover. Then squeeze out the excess solution.
  • Take this cloth to dab on the stained carpet from outside in motion but make sure you aren’t disturbing the stain directly.
  • With this action, the coffee stains will come off easily. 
  • However, if you still find the presence of a few leftover coffee stains, you can repeat the whole process until you find no more stains.
  • The last step is to remove rubbing alcohol or paint remover using a mixture you made by dabbing the area. 

All-In-One Stain Remover

  • Take a damp cloth that is thoroughly soaked in water to blot the coffee and let it absorb surface residues.
  • Later, take an all-in-one stain remover to get rid of the element present in the coffee stain surroundings. Note- this surrounding is an element of the coffee itself. 
  • Spray the all-in-one stain remover onto the coffee stains on the affected areas of your carpet.
  • After these steps, take a damp white cloth and keep it on the stains and leave for a few minutes to let the stains transfer onto the cloth.
  • An alternative option to transfer coffee stains off the carpet is to pour rubbing alcohol on a sponge and rub it against the stains.
  • Take powdered laundry detergent and warm water to make a mixture of paste. Then, take a cloth and apply it to the affected areas.
  • Leave the paste be for at least 5 minutes and then wipe it off with another clean cloth soaked in tap water and find no more coffee stains. 

Acetone Containing Products

  • If the coffee stains on your carpet are already dried, then you have to first scrape them off nearly leaving behind no scratches.
  • Then take products or spirits that contain acetone such as nail polish remover. You can also use mineral spirits to get rid of coffee stains
  • If you use mineral spirit-like dry solvents, apply them to the coffee stain using an eyedropper. Note- do this step by taking the affected carpet into a well-ventilated area. 
  • Later, take a soft bristle brush to tap it on the stained carpet and then apply isopropyl alcohol (available in the market). 
  • Repeat the above steps until you find all the coffee stains removed and then let the carpet dry. 

Hydrogen Peroxide

  • When removing coffee stains if your choice of stain-remover is Hydrogen peroxide, then check for the colourfast test first.
  • If you find the carpet colour is not transferring, then proceed to use Hydrogen peroxide solution for coffee stain removal.
  • You can avail of Hydrogen peroxide solution bottles from the market and spray or pour them onto coffee stains.
  • Next, use Hydrogen peroxide on affected areas of a carpet because of coffee stains, allowing the solution to soak into deeper layers of the carpet. Soaking time is about 10 minutes. 
  • Wash the carpet once it dries to find zero coffee stains and use it as per usual.

Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar 

  • One of the best ways to get rid of coffee stains on your carpets is to use baking soda with apple cider vinegar. 
  • Firstly, sprinkle one teaspoon of baking soda onto the coffee stains after scraping off the excess stains.
  • Now, apply an equal amount of rubbing alcohol and baking soda on the stained carpet.
  • Do a follow-up of lemon juice that is squeezed out of 1 lemon over the affected area of the carpet. 
  • Scrub the area in circular but small motions using a toothbrush to avoid coffee stains getting into further deep layers.
  • Later, apply a splash of apple cider vinegar to notice the pigments of coffee stains getting duller and dispersing quickly.
  • Blot dry using a white cloth and regain your no-stain carpet. 


Methods you find in search of how to handle coffee stains on the carpet are many and the results you get on implementing them are amazing and desirable. However, you have an even better option for getting coffee stains off your carpets, that is, to book professionals. Professional carpet cleaning Perth experts from a licensed company follow approved methods to make your carpets odour-free and stain-free. Anyway, you should not leave your carpet stained for a long time. 

Carpets Smell After Steam Cleaning: Here Is What You Can Do After Cleaning

It is pretty frustrating to spend hours steam cleaning your carpet and then get a funky smell as a result. Moreover, when you perform steam cleaning yourself with ordinary tools and cleaners it leads to unpleasant carpets smell after steam cleaning. Here are some reasons why your carpets smell after steam cleaning  

Carpets Smell After Steam Cleaning Service


Having your carpet overwetting is contributing to the unpleasant odour you experience. Moreover, the carpet padding soaks up the moisture and does not help the carpet to dry up as quickly as it should. Hence, leads to that awful smell after you perform a steam cleaning. Secondly, when a professional cleaner does it, they use carpet dry cleaning methods along with hot water extraction. Therefore, ensuring the padding is completely dry. Also, the professional cleaner keeps in mind to use the right amount of water and cleaning solutions to dry the carpet perfectly. Thus, giving you a perfectly beautiful smelling carpet. 


Sometimes over-wetting is not a problem at all. But, it’s the weather. Additionally, your location and weather matter when you decide to steam clean your carpet. Secondly, if you are living in a humid area where it rains a lot as well. Then, it might create a huge problem for you, as the carpet will naturally take time to dry up and soak up moisture due to the humid weather. Therefore, carpet cleaning expert stress having a steam cleaning on a sunny day, if you are handling it on your own to avoid the funky smell after steam cleaning. 


Stains are another cause of the unpleasant odour. Moreover, it is because they settle deep inside the padding of the carpet. Secondly, when these stains are exposed to moisture while steam cleaning, they bring out a weird unpleasant smell. Moreover, if you have milk product stains and they come in contact with steam, it leaves an awful smell. Also, this awful smell probably lingers around for a long time. 

Pet Urine 

Pet urine easily gets caught in the carpet fiber and even the underlay of the carpet holds on to the urine smell. Moreover, ammonia in the urine causes permanent stains and also gives a very nasty smell which is hard to get rid of. 

Now that you are aware of the potential reasons why your carpet is smelling of steam. If your carpets smell after steam cleaning: Here is what you can do after cleaning to get rid of the smell.


Speed up the carpet drying process as much as possible. Moreover, make sure to keep your carpet in direct sunlight. Plus, if the direct sun is not available then keep your wet carpet in moving air to avoid any kind of smell after steam cleaning. 

Also, open the windows for better aeration which allows them to dry faster. The ventilation doesn’t allow any kind of smell after steam cleaning your carpet. If you have a fan then use it to improve airflow and freshen up by allowing your carpet to dry. 


After steam cleaning, you need to groom your carpet by brushing to lift and align the carpet fibers back to their original state. Moreover, this will help you promote good airflow and also reduce the dry timing. Secondly, to distribute the treatment solution evenly, brushing the carpet is a good idea. 

Turn up the heat 

When you do a deep steam cleaning during cold days, make sure to turn up the heat. Moreover, this will help you evaporate the water much faster than usual and dry up the carpet quicker. 

Use dehumidifier 

Using a dehumidifier during high humidity is an excellent idea after steam cleaning your carpet. Secondly, the dehumidifier controls the amount of moisture in the room and speeds up the drying process. 

Some D.I.Y Ideas To Get Rid Of Your Smelling Carpet After You Steam Cleaning

  • Take a cup of white vinegar and put two cups of warm water in it. Second, transfer this into a spray bottle and gently spray on your carpet after you steam clean it. Also, make sure not to overspray the carpet or it can lead to mould growth. 
  • Take baking soda and you can spray that on your carpet to help you get rid of the odour. Moreover, baking soda is a great odour neutralizer and also safe for your family and pet. Secondly, it doesn’t damage your carpet at all. 


To get off the smelly carpet after you steam clean it, you just gotta make sure you pre-clean the stain from the core of the carpet. Moreover, before steam cleaning make sure you vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Also, the most important thing is to ensure you dry up your carpet after steam cleaning as quickly as possible. Additionally, you can use D.I.Y spray to ensure there is no funky smell in your house after steam cleaning your carpet.

How To Clean Brown Marks From A Shower Curtain

Are You Clueless About The Brown Marks On Your Shower Curtains 

Don’t know how to clean brown marks from a shower curtain? This blog is going to guide you. The most common issue we ever deal with shower curtains is the brown marks. But what actually causes it? It is caused by the exposure of your shower curtains to several particles during your shower. Because shower curtains are frequently in contact with water, soap scum, mould, and mildew can grow on them. 

The cloth may start to develop brown stains when these ugly things accumulate. While you could just replace the curtain, there are a few do-it-yourself fixes that are quick solutions. The most excellent cleaning tips for your shower curtain may be found at home. Brown marks and discolouration will surely make your shower curtains look filthy.

Brown Marks On Your Shower Curtains

Several Methods That Help In Getting Rid Of Brown Marks From Your Shower Curtains 

When shower curtains are continually exposed to hot water, they suffer the most from this frequent home issue. But how can you get rid of the unsightly stains and musty smell? Although there are many commercial mould removal treatments on the market, there are a lot of natural options that work just as well. You may find a wide variety of stain-removing substances in your kitchen cabinet. The ideal mix of dirt-removing ingredients like white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and essential oils, can be applied in a variety of ways. With a few straightforward remedies, it’s simple to get rid of these unattractive stains, but which of them truly works? Let’s check out which combination works! 

  • Soaking The Curtains In Baking Soda: Benefit from this kitchen staple’s whitening, stain removal, and cleaning abilities. Baking soda, as you know, is highly effective in getting rid of stains and dirt. This makes it ideal for you to use it for an effective cleaning purpose. 


  • Put dish soap, baking soda, warm water, and a substantial amount of dish detergent in your bathtub or another big container.
  • Before removing the curtain and placing it flat on a large area, soak it for an hour.
  • Wipe the surface of the shower curtain carefully with a moist towel to remove any leftover residue.
  • To prevent putting slimy particles back onto the fabric, keep washing the cloth.
  • If you see any remaining stains, give them a thorough clean after adding more baking soda as needed.
  • Once again wipe down until the towel is completely clear to get rid of any remaining baking soda.
  • Allow the curtain to air dry back on the rail or hang it to dry outside on a washing line.
  • Once the curtain has been washed, keep the bathroom aired to hasten the drying process.
  • Highly Efficient Laundry Machine: The cloth should be put in the laundry basket when a sizable section of it gets stained. With two to three wet bath towels, wash the curtain on its own cycle. This helps in getting rid of the brown marks effectively. Using suitable detergents, you can tackle stubborn brown marks. Here is how to clean brown marks from a shower curtain using a washing machine!


  • For a natural cleaning solution, mix one cup of white vinegar with a few drops of your preferred essential oil.
  • Before leaving the room, wash the curtain on a soft, short cycle, and let it dry outside.
  • Stains should disappear instantly, and the stink of wet should be replaced by the persistent fragrance of organic oils.
  • Before using this method, make sure your curtain can be machine washed.
  • Using A Mould-Removal Paste: This is nothing but a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. This aids in the effective removal of brown marks on shower curtains. But do you know how to do it? Here is how to clean brown marks from a shower curtain! 


  • Making a mould-removal solution is as easy as mixing white vinegar and baking soda into a paste.
  • Lay the shower curtain flat on a broad surface after removing it from the shower.
  • To produce enough paste to coat the cloth, combine two parts baking soda with one part white vinegar.
  • To get rid of any remaining mould and mildew, apply and scrape the paste over the spots with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Continue cleaning until the stains disappear, then gently wash the surface with a fresh, moist towel.
  • Spray the curtain with an essential oil solution that has been diluted, then let it air dry.
  • With Lemon And Salt: As we know lemon and salt can break down stubborn stains, and it is easier to get rid of brown marks in the same way. As lemon is acidic in nature, under small concentrations it acts as a good cleansing agent that helps in getting rid of rust and brown marks. 


  • Firstly, pour the solution that contains lemon juice and salt onto the surface of the shower curtain. 
  • Let it sit for several hours, that’s when the solution acts on the brown marks. 
  • Then gently scrub with a soft brush or cloth to slowly remove the brown marks. 
  • Now rinse it off with lukewarm water. And repeat the method, if needed. 

Precautions That You Need To Take

Prevention is better than cure! Therefore, it is important to take precautions, instead of worrying about the damages. 

  • Performing The Spot Test: Test any cleaners on a tiny area of the shower curtain before using them all over the curtain with detergents, cleansers, or bleach. Make sure they don’t harm or discolour anything. Choose a different cleaner if you spot any damage.
  • Read The Label: Read the care instructions carefully before cleaning a shower curtain. The majority of shower curtains can be hand cleaned exclusively, although others may be machine washed with detergent or bleach. Others might need particular cleaning techniques. Before cleaning your curtain, please read the care label.
  • Maintaining A Neat Shower Curtain: After cleaning your shower curtain, take precautions to prevent future mould and mildew growth. Every day, spray a solution of half water and half vinegar on the shower curtain. To get rid of soap scum and mildew that have accumulated on the bottom of the shower curtain, wash it with vinegar and water once a week.
  • Note: Choose body wash instead of bar soap because the latter might produce scum.


Do people often wonder how to clean brown marks from a shower curtain? A soapy water solution may readily remove the majority of discolourations on shower curtains, but a more potent solution may be required for more difficult mould or brown stains. So, to treat them, you should ideally mix the solutions. But for that, taking precautions is a must. Because sometimes, certain things do more harm than good. This can lead to getting bad results.

So to avoid that, you should follow the following aspects before performing any of the above cleaning methods. Moreover, you can reach out to experts for proper curtain cleaning as well. Since experts are highly experienced and skilful, it becomes easy for you to get the job done. Our company City carpet cleaning Perth offering best services of Curtain cleaning in Perth and nearby locations.

How To Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum

You bought your couch with a great interest in enjoying every point of comfort but as time goes on it becomes dirty, absorbs dust, is covered with stains and loses its shine and elegance. You miss your beloved couch which smells very bad and you no more like to sit on it. You think it is not of any use now but it is not like that, you should take proper care of it and take the necessary steps to clean it. read in this blog How To Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum. There are a number of methods of cleaning a couch through which you can get its fresh look again and the methods are as follows:

Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum
  1. Spot Cleaning

Whenever you buy any couch, it has a tag that has instructions to be followed for cleaning your couch and the solvent to be used. Blot up all the pills with the help of a clean cloth. Vacuum it for crumbs, other debris and pet hairs. Use the mixture of water and dish soap over the stains with the help of a sponge, do not rub it over the stain. Use a steam cleaner for breaking up stains.

  1. Perform deep cleaning

Firstly vacuum the couch, then sprinkle baking soda to remove odours and leave it for an hour. If any type of stain is there like stains from ink, blood, wine, etc. then apply spot treatment first. Wipe down the leather couch with distilled water and non-detergent soap. You can also use vinegar-water mixture or any branded upholstery cleaner. Wipe the non-fabric parts of the couch with the help of warm water and dish soap mixture.

  1. Washing cushion covers

If your couch tag allows you to clean cushion covers in the washing machine then do it first and then dry it. Cover it back again.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Vacuum Cleaner

As we all know that a vacuum cleaner is an electric device for removing dust, dirt and grime from each and every corner of your home whether it is upholstery or floor or any other furniture or walls, etc. Some advantages and disadvantages of a vacuum cleaner are discussed below:


  • It is easy to use.
  • A vacuum cleaner helps in the removal of pet hair.
  • Easily available at a low cost.
  • Today some robotic vacuum cleaners are also available that clean your couch and other areas even when you are not at home.
  • It saves time and energy.
  • When equipped with HEPA filters, it helps in the complete removal of allergens, airborne causing germs, viruses, bacteria, etc.


  • These are bulky accessories, heavy to lift which may be hard to move around the home. They are of very large sizes and so moving and storing them requires large spaces.
  • There are many different types of vacuum cleaners that do not offer reusable dustbin bags and so you have to buy them.
  • As per different types of models which are available in the market, they use hundreds and thousands of electricity.

Thus, in spite of many advantages they have a lot of disadvantages also and so nowadays there are many other cleaning methods available that do not use vacuum cleaners but How To Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum? The answer is here.

How To Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum?

Your couch is an expensive investment and provides a luxurious look to your living room and offers a relaxing and comfortable environment during both day and night. But when it comes to cleaning, especially when you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you always think how is it possible? How To Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum? But nothing is impossible nowadays. Some of the DIY tips for cleaning your couch are given below:

  • Firstly wipe off the accumulated dust from the surface of your couch with the help of a stiff brush or a clean piece of cloth.
  • Now sprinkle bicarbonate soda over the surface of the couch for around 15-20 minutes so that the stains get removed. It is not able to remove the extremely soiled stains and other stains which stick on it but may be able to remove the stains on the surface of the couch.
  • Dust off or wipe off the couch after that time with the help of a stiff brush or cloth to make it look clean.

How To Dry Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum

Ingredients used for this process are White Vinegar (1 cup), Dish Soap and Warm Water (1 Gallon). Take a bucket, mix white vinegar in warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Mix well until the bubbles are generated. The cleaning process has the following steps:

  • Mop away the couch by using a clean cloth and dip it in the cleaning solution.
  • Leave it for 20-30 minutes for proper set-up of the solution.
  • If your couch has stains that look permanent, then dip a sponge in this cleaning solution and keep it over the stains and allow it to soak.
  • Clean the residue with the help of a dry microfiber cloth and leave the couch to dry.

How To Wet Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum

Ingredients to be used are hand shampoo, white terry cloth towels, a water bucket and a sponge. 

  • Prepare the solution by following the instructions on the hand shampoo pack. 
  • Stir the mixture with the help of a sponge and apply it over the whole couch with the help of a sponge.
  • Dry the fabric with the use of a white terry towel.

How To Maintain Lasting Couch Cleanliness

Here you do not use a vacuum cleaner and so it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of your couch, here are some of the tips:

  • The most important is to use Scotchgard to prevent your couch from stains.
  • Clean out all the stains as soon as they occur and sprinkle baking soda instantly.

Enjoy Excellent Cleaning Services With City Carpet Cleaning Perth Couch Cleaners

In the above article, you learnt How To Clean A Couch Without A Vacuum and you can prevent your couch from the attack of harsh chemicals and machines which are very costly. But, these DIY procedures are not always effective at some stains and so it is the best option to switch over to professionals and for this City carpet cleaning Perth is the best option because we are offering services of Couch cleaning Perth. Our experienced professionals, work in this industry for many years and has a lot of techniques for cleaning your couch without using a vacuum cleaner. Our experts will provide you with services that save and do not involve too much cost and also involve eco-friendly cleaning. Hence, if you want all the benefits while remaining safe then enjoy our excellent cleaning services today.

The Importance of Grout Cleaning and Grout Sealing

Grout is far more important than the people pay attention to. The grouts are very vital for tiles to be in place and not getting broken easily. However, people do not clean the grouts thinking of it as unnecessary work. But if not paid attention, then the grout cleaning and grout sealing can even grow mould, bacteria, and other harmful microbes too. Moreover, the grouts are even highly porous, which makes it easier for stains and microbes to stay and damage them. 

So, cleaning them is not an easy task. Moreover, there is a process of grout sealing which makes grout and tiles last longer and for years without any problem. If you are still not sure whether you should seal and clean our grout then keep reading. We have written the importance of cleaning and sealing grout.


The Importance of Grout Cleaning and Grout Sealing

  • Obstinate Dirt Removal

The dirt and dust can make their home in the grout if not cleaned regularly. Also, if the grout is sealed then the dirt and dust will not stick on the Grout making it easier to remove it on daily regular cleaning. 

  • Cleaning All Hidden Areas

The look of your house will be entirely different once the floor has been cleaned completely. But often we leave the corner of the room as they are mostly unnoticed. Areas like a pantry or area under rugs are often left uncleaned. If you do not clean some specific areas in your living area, then it can cause decolorization of the tile floor. Moreover, if the stain is not cleaned for long then odour can also be one of the cons you may have to face. 

  • Floor Durability Increases 

If you use the floor cleaners for a very long time then it can lead to residuals. This can further lead to the revival of the old stains and make the floor look gloomy and dull. However, if you clean them regularly and seal them once the previous seal starts to come off. Then the durability of floor tiles will increase and also the grout will look new. 

  • Saves Money

In case you do not clean the grout regularly or do not get them sealed again. Then it will cost you a fortune. The tiles will be broken more easily. The grout will be of no use, soon the tiles will start to get chipped and gloomy. If you do the grout cleaning and sealing process timely then you will not need to replace the tiles or need to re-grout the floor. So regular cleaning will help you to save money.

  • Eliminate Mould and Mildew

A regular grout cleaning habit will reduce the growth of bacteria and moulds in the grout and tiles. Moreover, all the microbes will also die if you clean the grout frequently. This way you can save money and also live in a safe environment. Regular cleaning and sealing will not only keep your home and you healthy but it will save money which would go to waste in early replacement of tiles or more frequent re-grouting. 

Hire and Get the Best services for Grout Cleaning and Grout Sealing

If you are convinced that grout sealing and cleaning is very important then you shall be thinking of doing it by yourself. But we would like to inform you that it is a bad idea. Not only the cleaning can go wrong and potentially harm your grout more than normal but also sealing is not an easy process. So, cut yourself some slack and hire City Carpet Cleaning Perth for excellent services. Our company is old and has been working in the industry for many years. Moreover, our company uses the latest tools and equipment which provides you the most efficient results for both cleaning and sealing.

Why Are Tile And Grout Stains Not Easy To Clean

Maintaining the daily shine of your tile and grouts are important but difficult too. Due to heavy exposure they get stains which are tough to remove. “Why Are Tile And Grout Stains Not Easy To Clean” With the right tips and tricks you can achieve to remove them more efficiently. 

After knowing the methods and tips you can clean them without calling experts. This will not only save you money but will also give you knowledge about stains and how to clean. 


Ways To Overcome Tile And Grout Stains Easily

  • There is one best method to clean the tiles and grout cleaning effectively. The method includes vinegar and baking soda. 
  • First you have to make a paste of vinegar and baking soda. In order to make it, mix vinegar and baking soda in equal proportions in a bowl. This mixture gets very efficient for removing tough stains. 
  • Apply the paste you made to the tile which has spots. Just leave it in there for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe the paste using a clean cloth or scrub it. Make sure to scrub it in a circular motion. 
  • Rinse the paste with water in order to see the results. If the stain on the tile still pertains then repeat the process.

If you are finding it hard to remove grout stains then follow the below steps

  • Mix two cups of baking soda and one cup of bleach. Stir them till you make a paste. 
  • Pour the paste in the grout and spread them well to every side of the grout. 
  • Scrub them after leaving them for 5 minutes. Use a brush to scrub them and again wait for 5 more minutes. 
  • Rinse the whole paste from the grout by using warm water.

Tiles and grout stains are really hard to remove. But following the above steps and tips can lead you to a peaceful end. If the situation is still not solved then it is better to hire a professional company. Because doing the cleaning task will impact you badly. “Why Are Tile And Grout Stains Not Easy To Clean” First it will waste all your time and second it can also damage the tile surface. Due to scrubbing continuously the tile surface can get rough and not so pleasant. 

Hire Our Outstanding Tile And Grout Stain Removal Service

City Carpet Cleaning Perth is well reputed and has a lot of customers too. But this doesn’t change the fact that we are the most affordable service provider. We also have some highly qualified cleaners. We can also remove every type of stain whether it is wine stain or blood stain. Throw a challenge at us and our professionals can handle it with their right hand. So book us now for the most trusted services. Get your tile and grout cleaned and make them shine like a new one. 

Simple Tricks To Get Better Carpet, Mattress, Floor And Sofa Cleaning Results

There are many possibilities due to which the carpets, mattress, floor and sofa can get dirty. There are many tricks to clean them. You can either clean them using home remedies or buy cleaners available on the market. There are many types of cleaners available in the market which are effective and cheap. In this blog, you can find simple tricks to get better carpet cleaning results.

Simple Tricks To Get Better Carpet
  1. Home Remedies- Home remedies can be one of the best ways to clean the carpets, mattresses, floor and sofa. Some of the basic home remedies include baking soda. Baking soda can do wonders sometimes. There are many benefits of these home remedies. You can use them as a cleaner and also as a deodoriser. This is one of the simple tricks to get better cleaning results.
  2. Use Brush For Cleaning- You can use a brush for the complete removal of the stains and spots. There are many types of brushes that are used for cleaning carpets and sofas. You can use shampoo before cleaning the carpets and mattresses thoroughly. This is a simple trick to get better cleaning results.
  3. Always Blot The Stains Instead Of Rubbing Them- Blotting the stains helps a lot. Rubbing can make the stains worse and also can damage the fabric. By blotting technique, you can not only remove the stains but also save the fabric from tears and ruptures. 
  4. Use Shaving Creams- Shaving creams can be used in order to get rid of stubborn stains and spots. You can apply the shaving cream directly to the spot and leave it for 30 minutes and later blot dry it using a cloth. This method can do wonders and is one of the simple tricks to get better carpet, mattress and sofa cleaning results.
  5. Use Coca-Cola For Tough Stains- Coca-Cola is a good solution for the removal of tough stains. It is one of the best tools for cleaning the tiles and floor. The stains found in the bathroom are very stubborn and cola is the best solution for cleaning them. Cola will also give a good fragrance. 
  6. Vacuuming- Vacuuming a mattress, sofa, or carpet can help in removing all the dirt and dust particles from the sofa. Although you cannot remove stains with the help of a vacuum, you can surely remove dirt and other insects present inside the carpets, mattresses and other upholstery. 
  7. Freezing The Gums- Chewing gums are very tough and removing them from the fabric can be a headache. The hold of chewing gum is so strong and stubborn. Get rid of these strong chewing gum stains with the help of the freezing technique. Rub the ice cubes against the gum for a few seconds until the gum gets harder. Then use a knife or scissors to remove the hard gum permanently from the fabric. 
  8. Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Stain Removal- Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways to get rid of stubborn blood stains. The only possible method to remove blood stains is with the help of hydrogen peroxide. You can first Loosen up the dried blood with the help of water and a mild detergent solution. Then use a knife to remove the blood. Later use hydrogen peroxide solution and pour on the stains. With the help of cotton cloth or tissue paper blot up the stained area. This is one of the simple tricks to get better carpet, mattress, floor and sofa cleaning results.
  9. Coconut Oil- Use coconut oil to get rid of stains on the couch. Coconut oil can do wonders for cleaning the couch effectively. You can use this coconut oil to remove the stains and spots from the couch. 

Try these tricks at your home to keep your Carpet, Mattress, Floor And Sofa neat and clean. However, you can also book professional carpet cleaning services.

7 Spots To Get Rid Of When It Relates To Carpet Cleaning

We cannot deny the fact that carpets give a very soft and warm feeling of comfort. But, with this comfort, carpets also have a downside that is it gets dirtier very early and get stained occasionally too. And, for extending the life of your carpet you do prepare lots of things.

Well, spots can be prevented easily if you act immediately when they occur. The quicker you will be, the easier it will be for you to remove them or prevent them from permanent stains on your carpets.

Fortunately, there are some Local Carpet Cleaner Near Me by which you can clean the stains permanently. All you need is a best-in-class vacuum cleaner or some cleaning agents, that’s it. With this much equipment, you will easily be able to clean the stains from your carpets.

carpet cleaning
carpet cleaning

In this article, we are going to share some common spots to get rid of your carpets by doing carpet cleaning. Now, let’s see some common stains:

  1. How to remove pet stains from carpet: Even if your pets are well mannered, there is very a chance of accidents happening. And, more often pets love to pee on the softest place in the home which is your carpets. The key to stain removal is immediate action. You need to remove the solid mess first and clean the liquid by blotting it up gently with a clean cloth. Don’t ever think to scrub your carpet, blotting is the only best technique for carpet cleaning.
  2. How to remove coffee stains from carpet: Coffee stains are one of the most common and worse stains as it leaves a yellowish stain on the carpet which makes it look very bad. Don’t panic, carpet cleaning needs to be done calmly or properly. So that you may not miss any spots on your carpet. For carpet cleaning to remove stains you can use a white vinegar solution which works very well in removing the stains.
  3. How to remove blood stains from carpet: Blood stains are very common. It can cause a very nasty permanent brown stain on your carpet, if not removed immediately. For carpet cleaning to remove blood stains from your carpet you need to spray cold water on the spotted area, then use a detergent solution to remove the stain.
  4. How to remove ink stains from carpet: Ink stain is one of the toughest stains to deal with. But, taking action quickly can make it possible. For ink stains, you can use nail polish remover or hairspray which are effective to remove it.
  5. How to remove red wine stains from carpet: If red occurs, then, it can distress you a lot, as it is the toughest stain to remove from a carpet. You need to be quicker. Blot the area using a paper towel immediately to soak up the liquid as much as possible. You can use baking soda to remove it.
  6. How to remove chocolate stains from carpet: Chocolate stains look very bad up on the carpet and it is done by kids especially. For removing it you can use ice cubes to freeze the melted chocolate then, it will be easier to remove.
  7. Chewing gum: Chewing gum doesn’t leave any hard-to-remove stains. But it is hard to remove from the carpet due to its stickiness. For removing it you can freeze it using ice cubes, then it will be easy to remove.


So, these are the 7 spots to get rid of when it relates to carpet cleaning. We have shared some carpet cleaning tips to remove them too, follow the tips and remove the stains easily. Our customer support is ready to solve all of your queries.