Simple Tricks To Get Better Carpet, Mattress, Floor And Sofa Cleaning Results

There are many possibilities due to which the carpets, mattress, floor and sofa can get dirty. There are many tricks to clean them. You can either clean them using home remedies or buy cleaners available on the market. There are many types of cleaners available in the market which are effective and cheap. In this blog, you can find simple tricks to get better carpet cleaning results.

Simple Tricks To Get Better Carpet
  1. Home Remedies- Home remedies can be one of the best ways to clean the carpets, mattresses, floor and sofa. Some of the basic home remedies include baking soda. Baking soda can do wonders sometimes. There are many benefits of these home remedies. You can use them as a cleaner and also as a deodoriser. This is one of the simple tricks to get better cleaning results.
  2. Use Brush For Cleaning- You can use a brush for the complete removal of the stains and spots. There are many types of brushes that are used for cleaning carpets and sofas. You can use shampoo before cleaning the carpets and mattresses thoroughly. This is a simple trick to get better cleaning results.
  3. Always Blot The Stains Instead Of Rubbing Them- Blotting the stains helps a lot. Rubbing can make the stains worse and also can damage the fabric. By blotting technique, you can not only remove the stains but also save the fabric from tears and ruptures. 
  4. Use Shaving Creams- Shaving creams can be used in order to get rid of stubborn stains and spots. You can apply the shaving cream directly to the spot and leave it for 30 minutes and later blot dry it using a cloth. This method can do wonders and is one of the simple tricks to get better carpet, mattress and sofa cleaning results.
  5. Use Coca-Cola For Tough Stains- Coca-Cola is a good solution for the removal of tough stains. It is one of the best tools for cleaning the tiles and floor. The stains found in the bathroom are very stubborn and cola is the best solution for cleaning them. Cola will also give a good fragrance. 
  6. Vacuuming- Vacuuming a mattress, sofa, or carpet can help in removing all the dirt and dust particles from the sofa. Although you cannot remove stains with the help of a vacuum, you can surely remove dirt and other insects present inside the carpets, mattresses and other upholstery. 
  7. Freezing The Gums- Chewing gums are very tough and removing them from the fabric can be a headache. The hold of chewing gum is so strong and stubborn. Get rid of these strong chewing gum stains with the help of the freezing technique. Rub the ice cubes against the gum for a few seconds until the gum gets harder. Then use a knife or scissors to remove the hard gum permanently from the fabric. 
  8. Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Stain Removal- Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways to get rid of stubborn blood stains. The only possible method to remove blood stains is with the help of hydrogen peroxide. You can first Loosen up the dried blood with the help of water and a mild detergent solution. Then use a knife to remove the blood. Later use hydrogen peroxide solution and pour on the stains. With the help of cotton cloth or tissue paper blot up the stained area. This is one of the simple tricks to get better carpet, mattress, floor and sofa cleaning results.
  9. Coconut Oil- Use coconut oil to get rid of stains on the couch. Coconut oil can do wonders for cleaning the couch effectively. You can use this coconut oil to remove the stains and spots from the couch. 

Try these tricks at your home to keep your Carpet, Mattress, Floor And Sofa neat and clean. However, you can also book professional carpet cleaning services.